Friday, June 22, 2007


I made it into a treasury! I think this is my third one, but I didn't get a screen cap of the others. My electric guitar buttons are featured (they're in the first picture in my previous post, "Pushing My Buttons"). Here's the link:

"Rock My World" Etsy Treasury

And here's the screencap:

I'm also an alternate for another one...which means I won't have my item displayed in it until something else in it is sold. I'm not sure which of the items from my shop they've picked for this one. I have some puzzle balls with red, and a teddy bear with red hearts, and a couple of photos that might qualify. I'm hoping I make it into this one so I'll know what they picked! Here's the link to that one:

Red Hot Etsy Treasury

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  1. Congratulations for being in another treasury! I think I've only been in a treasury once. :]