Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Puzzle Ball Finished!

I finally finished the puzzle ball I've been working on!

This one is slightly smaller than the Christmas ornament balls I have posted on my etsy site. (I'll probably try making them even smaller...just to see if I can!) It matches a medium sized ball in my shop...maybe someone will buy the pair of them! They'd make great gifts for a new baby with an older brother or sister!

That's actually what I did with these originally. I started sewing my teddy bears to give as baby gifts and I'd make a puzzle ball to match for the big brother or big sister, so they would feel special, too.

Here's the new puzzle ball:

I just realized I haven't posted anything here about my teddy bears! I guess I'll make that the next entry...but I've gotta take some new pictures of the bears first. Check back soon to see them!


  1. Your puzzle ball is very creative. looking forward to seeing your teddybears! I have 2 bears from my childhood. I love them.

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  3. I've made these too...but mine are all attached and don't come apart...interesting!