Monday, June 11, 2007


The puzzle ball is still in progress, but I hope to finish it today.

I got distracted making some new ACEO's that I had a lot of fun with. I've printed out lots of my photographs in tiny sizes so I can make more soon. Here's what I've added to my etsy site:

Here are two others I made, too. I've given these to a couple of friends of mine, but I'll probably make some similar ones to post on etsy, too:

And here's another one that's not listed on etsy yet, but will be soon:

Now if I can keep from getting distracted by ACEO possibilities, I'll get that puzzle ball finished!


  1. Donna, i missed a photo of you climbing a tree - point me in the right direction. blogs are so interesting - I for somereason thought you were an "older"woman. And most people think I am a young mom because of my Etsy shop. So - i decided to share just who I really am. Also, there is an unofficial blog poll on one of the bogs and there are (at this point) only 3 Etsy people over 65+ . But I love all the young moms, they are so creative, talented and I learn a lot from them. so - remember - point me to your picture. thanks, Corline

  2. I don't actually have a picture of myself climbing trees! But I did a lot of that when I was a kid. I just turned 49 and I have two daughters, 23 and 14, so I list myself among the older moms, but definitely young at heart!

  3. The kitty pictures are wonderful. I am one of the fortunate ones to have one and would definitely recommend them to others.