Thursday, June 21, 2007

American Idol ...Old Style

I just posted this 1 inch button I made from a recycled magazine picture from the 1940's. At the time I made it I was watching American Idol as it was counting down to the final...hence the name!

I've got lots more of these vintage buttons yet to list, but I'm trying to spread them out. I usually list these as pin-back buttons, but I can always glue a magnet to the back of it if the buyer prefers that. I don't want to do that to start with, though, since these are one of a kind. I'd hate to have one fixed up with a magnet and find out somebody really liked it but wanted a pin, instead...kinda hard to "un-glue" that magnet, don'tcha know?! But when it comes to my cats, which are my original photographs, or photography-related stuff (which I have a LOT of), I can always make more that are similar, so I've been making some up as magnets and thumb tacks, too.

Oh! I almost forgot...I made a sale today! But I'll tell you about that next time....

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