Monday, March 01, 2010

Making a Difference ...One Soap Viewer At A Time

Time for my report on my fund raiser for Doctors Without Borders! During the month of February the "My Life Is A Soap Opera..." sales totaled $349.35. Now I only get 10-20% of that, since the rest goes to Zazzle for the cost of producing the products themselves. So the total of my proceeds for the month comes to $62.94. I'm going to round that up to $70.00. This may not sound like much money to some of you, but it's $70.00 more than I would have been able to give without your support! And a little bit can go a long way. According to the Doctors Without Borders website, here are some examples of what even small donations can do:

$35 Two high-energy meals a day to 200 children

$50 Vaccinations for 50 people against meningitis, measles, polio or other deadly epidemics

$70 Two basic suture kits to repair minor shrapnel wounds

$100 Infection-fighting antibiotics to treat nearly 40 wounded children

Because Zazzle offers a 30 day return policy, I have to wait until the end of March before the money for these sales is cleared and comes to me a couple of weeks later. But I don't want to wait that long to send it in. I've decided that once I get my next Zazzle paycheck (which is actually for my December sales), on or before March 15th, I'll go ahead and send the donation on to Doctors Without Borders.

So, as long as we're waiting, I'm going to extend my fund raiser those two extra weeks! My proceeds for any "My Life Is A Soap Opera..." items sold through March 15 will be included in this fund raiser! Also, if you're interested in pledging a matching donation, please let me know!

I've added a lot of new items to my Zazzle shop, more of your favorite soap opera characters for all your favorite shows ... including the men, too... and there are more to come, so please keep shopping! Oh, by the way, I do take requests if there's a character or product you want that's not already in my shop.

And a special thank you to all who retweet my links!! I love you!! Feel free to share them with all your friends on Facebook, soap opera messages boards, any where you like!

Who says watching soap operas doesn't make a difference in the world?!

Edited on 3/16/10 to add:

My total now comes to $80! As soon as I tweeted this news, I got another matching pledge to go along with the one you see in the comments here. Then another one came in. And then somebody pledged 10% of the final amount, too! More donations are still coming! I'll continue to tweet about this tonight and in the morning I'll post a new blog entry with the final total!

How about that... just a bunch of soap opera fans, buying some fun stuff about their favorite characters, and Doctors Without Borders is getting over $ far!

(To read my original post about this fund raiser and get the whole story, click here.


  1. Wonderful, Donna! Thank you so much for doing this. I'm proud to say I was one of the many who purchased some items from you to help this very worthy cause! You rock!

  2. Donna, YOU ROCK! Thanks so much for your amazing efforts. Once your deadline has been reached, let me know the total of your donation and I will match it! I love my favorite preachers wife...


  3. Hey Donna!

    Just to let you know that Dave & I have just matched your pledge for Doctors Without Borders.

    Thanks for doing this! The people of Haiti truly appreciate it

    Doc & Dave