Saturday, January 17, 2009


Recalls of toys and products for children because of dangerous lead content has resulted in the CPSIA, a law that could wipe out handmade toy makers. Since I've been making my handstitched teddy bears and puzzle balls for children, that means me, too, and thousands like me who sell their products at crafts fairs and on and other online sites.

You can read quite a bit about this new law and the impact it will have in these articles in Etsy's blog, The Storque. This article on outlines what's at stake, too. For more information and the opportunity to join in discussions go to CPSIA Central.

And if you want to let everyone know what you think of the new law, you can get these buttons in my shop on Etsy. The design is by MamasLittleMonkeys. Take a look at her shop on Etsy or you can find other products with this design in her CafePress shop. She has You can buy one or buy 10 and if you need more, just leave a comment here or a convo on Etsy and I'll be glad to fix you up.


  1. great post - with lots of links! Love the buttons.

  2. Sore subject, and spread like wildfire around the handmade movement!

    I too love the buttons.


  3. Great buttons! Thanks for all the links and info. All the CPSIA is going to do is hurt small business and the economy. :-(

  4. Great post thank you for sharing our buttons!! :) WOOT!

  5. those buttons are just fabulous. if i had anywhere to wear them too i'd get some, ☺

  6. Thanks for joining in the CPSIA blog-a-thon to get the word out!