Friday, December 14, 2012


When I heard the news of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut today my heart went out to those whose lives will never be the same. Along with my horror at the unfolding events came a growing concern for the life of one little girl, a friend of a friend of mine.  As time went on and others had been accounted for, I prayed specifically for her and her family. This evening my friend could share no details with us except that this little girl is not among the survivors.

While we struggle to understand how something like this could happen I don’t know if we can ever really know. It makes no sense. 

We are reminded that life is short and precious and that we should tell people we love them when we have the chance. Instinctively, I want to do something to fix this.

I was accused of being insensitive because I made comments on Twitter today about changing laws in ways that I believe might help prevent another school shooting.

This person made the assumption that because my comments were about political solutions I had no feeling for the victims. I should instead wait a bit, as a sign of respect. She assumed that I was just using the tragedy to further my personal political agenda.

I think the fact that I seek positive steps that might address the need for more mental health care and fewer assault weapons in our country shows that I do understand what the families of the victims are dealing with, at least as much as I can without having experienced it myself. I know they’re hurting and I hurt for them and I’d like to do what I can to keep other families from hurting. I’d like to do that as soon as possible.

If I say something now…

Do something now…

While people are paying attention….

Then maybe we can start to take some positive steps


Before Honey Boo Boo comes back on.

Because we can’t compete with one of the year’s 10 most fascinating people, right Barbara Walters?

I don’t mean to be dismissive of people who watch Honey Boo Boo or Barbara Walters because I know smart, caring people who watch them both . I just don’t share their taste in television programming.

And that’s the problem we have to face…  being dismissive of those who disagree with us.

Because there are no disposable people.

If we are all part of the problem then we must all be part of the solution.

Keep listening.


  1. What you say makes so much sense.It has been a tough day.Let's move forward. As you say we must be part of the solution.Thanks, Tricia.

  2. That was stated just perfectly. Everyone deserves hugs when it comes to this, our loved ones and friends. This senseless violence is abhorrent.

    And with the holiday season coming right around the corner, I can't imagine the devastation these families are going through. Just gut-wrenching.

  3. There's a reason the First Amendment is first. Thanks Donna for always having the unvarnished courage to speak your mind. -Redbird415

  4. As I have come to expect, wise and well chosen words. Bettie