Thursday, September 09, 2010

A Little While

Today I've been preoccupied with things I can't change.

So many people I love are



feeling lost.

I've carried them with me in my heart all day

hurting for them

hoping for them

praying for them

wishing I could help.

Some are far away and I can't get to them.

I know if we had the time

just to sit for a while

to listen

to hug

to hold a hand

I could help lift a burden

    if only for a little while

bring out a smile

    if only for a little while

share a giggle or two

    if only for a little while.

I want to fix it

    once and for all.

But sometimes

    even a little while counts.


  1. You are correct, Donna. There is so much pain, worry, sickness, and doubt right now. Here, fires are raging leaving loss in the wake, and the only things burning hotter are intolerance and misunderstanding. To be one to offer shelter, if only for a little while is a welcome gift. Thank you for giving.

  2. ((((((HUUUUUUGS))))) to you Donna! A little while can be the entire world at times.