Sunday, April 04, 2010

A Little Easter Every Day

It’s Easter but I didn’t go to church today. I was at home, sick with a cold. But it’s been a good day of rest for me and I had a chance to think a lot about Easter and what makes it special.

When I was a little girl we spent a lot of time getting ready for Easter because my mom usually sewed Easter dresses for my sister and me. I would stand for what felt like hours waiting as mom picked out fabric, then fit it to me, carefully pinning up the hem while I tried not to get stuck. But our matching dresses looked great for the Easter pictures!

And there must be Easter pictures…posed shots with Easter baskets in hand, complete with eggs we had dyed and decorated ourselves, plus a few Peeps and jellybeans in the mix.

We didn’t go out to eat for lunch on Easter Sunday. Mom was a great cook and always had a big spread ready for us and on Easter Sunday, a little something special to celebrate the day. For our salad, she put a peach half on a lettuce leaf. And in the middle of the peach half was shredded coconut, dyed with green food coloring. It looked like grass in a basket and in the middle of the “basket” she placed three or four colorful jellybeans, like tiny Easter eggs. I don’t ever recall an Easter Sunday dinner without that on my plate.

It was all the little things that made Easter special to me. Not an elaborate Easter pageant, although I’ve seen plenty of those. I find that the older I get the less I need the hoopla and the more I value the little things.

Easter marks the resurrection of Christ and Christmas celebrates His birth but what is true on these days is true every day. I saw my mother celebrate these truths every day with her Bible and devotional book at her bedside and heard it in the hymns she would sing quietly to herself as she did the laundry and the washed the dishes and mopped the floor.

How will you celebrate Easter tomorrow…and the day after that…?

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  1. Hey Donna. I loved this entry. Those photos were just adorable and it looks like your family knows exactly how to celebrate the day. with lots of smiles and laughter.