Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blizzard of '10 Part 3

I don't know how many more inches of snow we got during the blizzard that blew through here Tuesday and Wednesday. It was impossible to take a simple measurement because of the winds and drifting snow. Here's how it went (click on the photos to see them full size)....

On Tuesday, 2/09/10, the day started like this:

By 10:00pm it looked like this:

And it ended like this, around midnight:

We slept late Wednesday morning and as I walked to the front door around 11:00 to look out the window here's what I saw:

Outside that door, the world looked like this:

At about 1:30, after a few more hours of heavy snow and wind gusts of up to 40 mph here's what it looked like:

And at 3:30:

Here's a view of our townhouse community's parking lot... notice the icicle on the right. The snowdrift was as high as our window.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that our evening paper had been delivered by late afternoon. But with snow still blowing in 30-40 mph winds, you have to ask yourself, "How badly do I want to read that paper...and how long will it take me to dig it out later...?"

The snow had stopped by 9:00pm and the winds had died down so my husband decided to start looking for our front walk and that newspaper:

The snowdrifts to the left and right of our door:

To give you a better feel for the storm, the blowing snow, the high winds, here's a video montage of it all, shot from my windows, front & back, downstairs and upstairs...

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