Saturday, January 16, 2010

Team Conan or What Would Johnny Say?

I confess that I'm usually watching David Letterman instead of the Tonight Show most nights. I got out of the habit of watching the Tonight Show when Johnny Carson left because I can only take Jay Leno in small doses. And before Conan O'Brien took over the Tonight Show I usually didn't stay up long enough to watch his show either. But I'd catch bits and pieces of it here and there and I always thought Conan was a lot more funny than Jay so I was glad to hear he'd be taking over the reins of the show. And wasn't it nice for Jay to realize that it would be time to let it go in 2009, too.

So much for that idea. And so much for contracts, too. I can't imagine why anyone would trust a contract with NBC in the future. We should know soon exactly what agreements have been negotiated between all parties involved. But I know I'll never look at Jay Leno or NBC the same again. What would Johnny Carson say?

I hadn't planned on saying much about all this but then I saw something my daughter put in her Etsy shop: Team Conan pin-back buttons.

I liked the design so much I told her that design would sell on Zazzle. She agreed to let me put it in my Zazzle shop, so here you go! Just click on the pictures to take you to each item in my Zazzle shop!

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