Monday, October 05, 2009

How Do You Do It?

How do you wear your faith?

Is it tucked away in a pocket for safekeeping? Or maybe draped around your neck on a delicate chain?

Some Christians wear their faith like a sandwich board sign. It covers them completely and announces to the world what they believe. No need to wonder where they stand on the issues because it’s spelled out in black and white, right there on the sign.

Did you ever try to move around quickly while wearing a sandwich board sign or bend over to help someone carry their load? Or sit down with them to have a cup of coffee and hear about their day? You could offer someone a shoulder to cry on but they’d just hurt themselves on the hard corner of that sign you’re always wearing. And don’t even bother trying to give someone a hug.

Personally, when I see someone on a crowded street wearing a sandwich board sign, I tend to avoid them. It may not even matter what they’re advertising, just the fact that they’re trying to push something on me makes me less likely to want to listen to anything they have to say.

Thinking about this made me wonder…how should we wear our faith? And then it came to me….


You know, those soft padded things you put inside your shoes? They help you to

stand strong

run fast

walk as far as you need to walk.

They’re your foundation.

Nobody knows they’re in your shoes but you. But if someone is around you for very long they may notice that you

stand stronger

run faster

don’t falter when the journey is long or difficult.

And then one day someone will turn to you and say,

“How do you do it….?”


  1. I really like this's how I've come to feel about Christianity. I feel the internal workings is more important than the outer display. If the inside wasn't working, then the outside would clash and not be as effective.

    Thanks Donna

    Lisa (crystalstar03)

  2. You're one of my special heroes, but then you know that. Your friendship is special to me. Your faith amazes me. Thanks for being you.

  3. Donna, I love the comparison to the sandwich board...and the innersoles. Yeah, I would say I'm gelin' with Jesus.


  4. I was wondering when somebody would say something about gelin'!!

  5. Very apt analogy, Donna.

    JCF/aka "OtaliAnglican" (BPD)

  6. Donna, this SO good!My bro and sis-in-law and I were just talking about this yesterday. The sandwich board imagery is excellent. Sometimes I wonder when people are so pushy about their beliefs even they are really trying to convince themselves oe me. Thanks, Donna.Love, Tricia